We have received positive responses from those healthcare professionals who have recommended Actissist to their service users.

“If people are waiting for face-to-face therapy, then Actissist might be something that could be used in the meantime to help them develop a psychological understanding, but also to develop some strategies to help manage the difficulties that they’re experiencing.”
Clinical Psychologist, Early Intervention Service

“Actissist gives people more flexibility to perhaps use things when it’s convenient to them, rather than having to come to a therapy appointment and you know all of the complications that might arise with that.”
Clinical Psychologist, Early Intervention Service

“My clients felt a bit more self-sufficient; perhaps a little more insight and understanding and awareness of thoughts, feelings and emotions.”
Clinical Psychologist, Early Intervention Service

“It was pretty user friendly. It has a simple range of options, it’s easy to use and pretty clear, and it didn’t try to be all singing or dancing – like with our mobile phones, we probably only use 10% of facilities you’ve got on the phone and the other 90% you don’t even bother. A bit like our brains…”
Clinical Psychologist, Early Intervention Service

“I thought it was really, quite straightforward to use and it had lot of varied topics on it…whilst you can’t have access to talking to someone all the time, I think they found it comforting that if they did need support, there was something there they could use.”
Care co-ordinator, Community Mental Health Team

“It was quite easy to use, quite self-explanatory it wasn’t full of jargon. You know people could easily understand it…And you could dip in and out of it whenever you needed to as well.”
Care co-ordinator, Community Mental Health Team

“The Actissist app helped them develop their own coping mechanisms within the framework of a service without that over-reliance on people being under a service and ringing the care coordinator. They had another option of what to do to help if they were feeling paranoid or distressed…there was another kind of source of support for them.”
Clinical Psychologist, Community Mental Health Team

“Sometimes during therapy not everyone retains everything, so at least they’ve got it there on the phone to access whenever they want.”
Care Co-ordinator, Community Mental Health Team

“I think it was positive; you know they (my clients) found it useful and they got support from it and information.” 
CBT Therapist, Early Intervention Service