Calling funny researchers

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  • Are you a researcher with a sense of humour?
  • Has your research turned up something funny – something you know you’ll never be able to publish?
  • Are you tired of the stereotypical ‘stressed, miserable and isolated’ narrative that PGRs get saddled with?
  • Do you want to gain communication skills and experience as part of an interdisciplinary team?

Not Safe For Publication is a new podcast project by SALC PGRs for SALC PGRs, focusing on the ‘lighter side’ of our research: amusing anecdotes from the archive, funny fieldwork experiences, and weird sources. We’re looking for team members to make this project a reality.

If you’d like to join a volunteer team of PGRs from across SALC, learn sound editing skills, run social media engagement campaigns, and gain experience as a host, interviewer and guest, we want to hear from you. The commitment will be no more than 1 hour per week, flexible to fit around fieldwork and the many other pressures we experience as researchers!

Email to express your interest.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Georgia & Anastasiia (History PhD Year 1)


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