Russian and East European Studies: MovieClub@UoM – 19 March 2019, 5pm

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Graduate School Conference Room C1.18, Ellen Wilkinson Building

The University of Manchester Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL

All are welcome!

On the 19th of March, we will be watching Heart of a Dog (Sobachye serdtse), a 1988 black-and-white fantastic Soviet film directed by Vladimir Bortko, with English subtitles. It is based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel Heart of a Dog.

In Moscow, not long after the October Revolution, a stray dog named Sharik is taken home by the renowned surgeon Phillip Phillippovich Preobrazhensky, who needs him as a test animal. The doctor implants the hypophysis and testicles of a recently deceased petty criminal and drunkard into Sharik. The dog’s transition into human begins.

Runtime: 130 min.

You will:

  • Learn what your life prospects are if you are reborn as a Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov.
  • Witness a conflict between early Soviet lumpen proletariat and well-off Russian elite.
  • See how education and good up-bringing can fail.
  • Learn what it means to live a dog’s life, literally.
  • Get acquainted with the methods of appropriation of someone else’s property: what to do when you really-really want your neighbour’s apartment.


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