Call for papers: The art of football

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This interdisciplinary conference, scheduled to take place during the 2019 Women’s World Cup and hosted by GradCAM and the Dublin School of Creative Arts at Technological University Dublin, will focus on the art and aesthetics of all aspects of football in its various codes (Association, Rugby, Gaelic, American and Australian etc.) In particular, it seeks to explore the aesthetic discourses surrounding football in both its formal and informal practices. The conference aims to critically analyse the visual culture, performance and rhetoric of the game from perspectives including gender, language, museology and design.

The conference welcomes contributions from diverse fields not limited to aesthetics, literary and cultural studies, broadcasting, philosophy, fiction, linguistics, visual studies and the arts, design, and architecture to name but a few.

Abstract submission guidelines

Deadline for 500 word Abstract: Friday April 12th 2019, Confirmation by April 19th 2019. Please include a short biography (150 words) with your affiliation details and relevant contact information.

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