Contested memories and contentious mobilisation in New Europe: A graduate workshop in comparative politics

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You are welcome to attend our student-led and JMCE-funded workshop that will take place on Thursday 6 June 2019 in the Williamson Building, room G33, from 12pm to 5:20pm.

Overview: How do we remember the past? Does the way we remember the past contribute to or inform our national identity formation? Do the ways we remember the past and the ways we understand our nationalised identities drive contentious politics, specifically of a right-wing populist nature? And how does context in ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe affect these processes/phenomena? This workshop seeks bring together early career scholars, and specifically PhD students, from across the UK who study three interconnected themes: memory politics (acts of commemoration), identity politics, and the rise of radical right populist movements in so-called ‘New’ Europe.

The workshop will be divided into sessions:

  • 12:20 – 13:05   Light lunch, registration and opening remarks
  • 13:05 – 14:20   Graduate Student Session One:
Radical Right in ‘New’ Europe in Comparative Perspective
  • 14:40 – 16:00   Graduate Student Session Two:
Mass Identities and Ethnic Nationalism in ‘New’ Europe
  • 16:20 – 17:40   Graduate Student Session Three:
Remembering Revolution & War in ‘New’ Europe

There will be short breaks between the sessions to enable networking. Refreshments will be provided.

For more details please contact SALC-based PhD students Craig Proctor and Anna Glew


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