Pathways: Career Decisions for Researchers on Friday 7 June, 9-4, Renold Building, N Campus

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Thinking about what comes after your PhD? Debating whether you should do another post-doc contract or cut loose from academia now? Wondering what it takes to make it in academia?

This event for PhDs and early career research staff gives you the chance to hear from dozens of former PhDs – how they made those decisions, what they’re doing now and what they learned along the way.

Whether they’re now academics, working outside academia, self-employed or former PhDs who now recruit other PhDs, they’ll be here with real answers to your questions – no hype or employer gloss, just straight talking researchers like you.

Friday 7 June
Renold Building
North Campus

Join over 400 other PhDs and research staff for one day in the Renold Building, for the annual University of Manchester Pathways event. And there’s a free lunch – what do you have to lose?


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