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Computational Upgrade

Research IT is pleased to announce that, thanks to the Research Lifecycle Programme, there are now 20 state-of-the-art Nvidia V100 GPUs available to CSF users.  In addition to this there are now also three very high memory (1.5 TB RAM) nodes installed as well as some additional standard compute nodes and Cloud-based resources.

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Introducing the UoM Open Science Working Group

Scientific research needs to be both reproducible and replicable. Over the last decade, it has become clear that many scientific papers report research findings that turn out to be false. Find out how the new Open Science Working Group at Manchester is engaged in addressing this problem.

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Submit Your Ideas

The Research IT Strategy and Change Management Board (RITSCMB) would like to invite ideas for proposals to support new systems and hardware, provided by IT Services and Research IT, to support research in the next academic years.  The focus of this call for ideas is on infrastructure and applications to help support research, rather than teaching or administration.

For more information and to sumit your idea before the 12 July visit

Research Lifecycle Programme (RLP) Events Page

RLP have now added an events page to their website, so you can keep up to date with upcoming events to get involved in the programme.  The project team also welcome invites to meetings / events to talk about the RLP programme or projects that interest you and your team. Email rlp@manchester.ac.uk to get in touch.


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