Digital humanities seminar: 25th September 2019

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Digital Humanities Seminar: 25th September 2019


Dear Colleagues

Please find below the details of our first seminar of the year:

Date:                     Wednesday 25th September 4.00-5.30

Venue:                 Room W2.19 Samuel Alexander Building

Speaker:              Dr Katherine (Katie) McDonough, Senior Research Associate, The Alan Turing Institute

Title:                      Travels with Maps: a Journey through Spatial History Methods and Questions

Katie is a historian of eighteenth-century France working at the intersection of political culture and the history of science and technology. She completed her PhD in History at Stanford in 2013. She has taught at Bates College and was a postdoctoral researcher in digital humanities at Western Sydney University (Australia). Before joining the Turing Institute, Katie was the Academic Technology Specialist in the Department of History/Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research at Stanford University.

Her first book manuscript, ‘Public Works Laboratory: Building a Province in Eighteenth-Century France’ is a spatial history of the corvée, the forced labor regime used from the 1730s until the Revolution on highway construction sites.

At the Turing, Katie works on the Living with Machines project. Her research will focus on 1) developing methods for geographic information retrieval from text and visual sources such as census records and Ordnance Survey maps and 2) examining how the expansion of transportation infrastructure changed 19th century communities.

Please do join us for the first of our seminars, which will run fortnightly in Semester 1.

Best wishes

Josephine Lewis l Administrator l DH@Manchester l The University of Manchester l Samuel Alexander Building A1.06  Manchester  M13 9PL  l tel: 0161 275 6823

My office hours are usually 9.30-5.30 Tuesdays and Thursdays


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