Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies Seminar

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Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies Seminar

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Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies Seminar: Displacement as a Process of Coercive Disruption Examples from Occupied Baghdad (2003-2019)

Dr Ali A K Ali: Research Associate, The Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford/LSE ; @ali_ak_ali 

Date:                Tuesday, 12 November, 17:00-18:30
Location:         Samuel Alexander Building, Room A115

The seminar analyses displacement as a process consisting of coercive disruptions. It questions the prevalent conflation of displacement, forced displacement, and forced migration. In doing so, it explores the multiple permutations of displacement as they relate to social identities – including class, gender, and religious affiliation – alongside strategies of evasion and resistance. It discusses ‘blind spots’ in the ability of Refugee Agencies and scholars to identify and address displacement on small but crucial scales – such as between neighbourhoods of cities undergoing shifting tides of urban conflict. The analysis demonstrates that the coercive processes of disruption that constitute displacement can additionally generate forced immobility, exerting extreme constraints upon individuals who are unable to relocate. The discussion cites examples from occupied Iraq, based both on in-depth interviews with displaced Iraqis in Damascus (2010-11) and extensive fieldwork in Baghdad (2016-2019).

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Moshe Behar
Programme Director
Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies
School of Arts, Languages & Cultures;

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