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Talk to Research IT Face to Face!

Our drop-in sessions start again on the 15th of January so if you have a question or query that is Research IT related and better explained in person, come along to our sessions!  Details of all sessions including timings and locations are available on our blog.  Put them in your diary for 2020.

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

It’s been a busy and productive year in Research IT with new resources and services coming online along with an increase in team numbers.  The end of the year seems like a good time to look back on our most popular blog posts of 2019.  What generated the most interest from our blog and newsletter subscribers this year?

Making Large Databases Easily Available

Large databases can be difficult to handle and to use.  Our new case study demonstrates how our research software engineers can work with researchers to make these large databases easier to use and to ensure that the database is backed up, secure and accessible.


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