Paid student partner intern roles

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We have an opportunity through the new institute for Teaching and Learning/SEP to recruit and pay some Student Partner Interns to work on various Teaching and Learning projects.

The Student Partners Intern Role is all about recruiting current University of Manchester Students to work with Staff Partners and with the new Institute of Teaching and Learning. They will also be working with the Student Experience Programme in a similar capacity. The students will be on a flexible 1 day a week (7 hours) contract and it is open to all current students including PGT/PGR and International Students. These students would collaborate with the staff on their Teaching and Learning projects in a number of ways that will be tailored to their talents.

Paid Student Partner Intern Role: Apply by March 12th!
There is an exciting opportunity for you to work with the University in a Paid Student Partner Intern Role! This is a 7 hour per week (scheduled around you) paid position where you will be working with Staff on projects that will improve the University!
You will be gathering student views, promoting your project to students, helping out with communications and much more! It is a fantastic development opportunity to work with a large institution over the course of four months!
If you are interested in the role head over to this link: Application Deadline is the 12th of March!


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