The Data Incubator’s Summer 2020 Fellowship

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The Data Incubator’s Summer 2020 Fellowship

Early application deadline for The Data Incubator’s Summer 2020 Fellowship cohort closes on April 3. Apply here!

Get the insights into coding you need for a more successful application. Join us on Tuesday, March 31 at 1PM ET for a practical data science demo: a live session with instructor Michael Cullen introducing the how and the why of data science.

We’ll cover some common tools and techniques for exploring data and demonstrate how to use them to answer meaningful questions.

Join Us on Zoom March 31

Michael will show you how to do some initial exploration of a data set and turn broad questions into specific ones.

If you don’t already have access to Jupyter notebooks and Pandas, make sure you get what you need before the session begins.

In this live, 30 minute webinar, Michael will show you the steps to:
– Start with an analytical question, then introduce a data set
– Perform initial exploration of the data set, including inspecting columns, looking for missing values, basic visualizations and summary statistics
– Form a plan for analysis, turning the original question into something we can compute
– Find some “checkpoint” values we can compute as we work toward the final answer
– Understand code style and readability.

Bookmark this email and save the Zoom link below so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get coding help from The Data Incubator.

March 31 Zoom Link

Postdoc, Cornell


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