PGR-run Zoom Study Sessions (Mon-Fri, 2-4.30pm)

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PGR-run Zoom Study Sessions (Mon-Fri, 2-4.30pm)

This PGR-run study group aims to reintroduce focus, structure, and a sense of community into the working lives of PGRs during the lockdown. Bearing in mind that many PGRs have little to no opportunity to see other human beings at the moment, we kick off each session with an informal catch-up from 2-2.30. This is followed by a two hour work session using the pomodoro technique (25 minutes of work, 5 minute break, repeat x 4). Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to drop in however often and for however long they like – please feel free just to pop by for a quick dose of human contact at 2pm. The group has been running for several weeks now, and has proven to be a wonderfully supportive and friendly space, which emphasises community over productivity.

To join the meeting, follow this link: The link is the same every day.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email at


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