Updates from UoM ResearchIT

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Updates from UoM ResearchIT


Microsoft: COVID-19 Grant and Open Research Dataset

Microsoft are offering grants to support COVID-19 research, access to the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset and access to Azure Datasets including free storage and curation.  Areas of relevance are:

  • Data and insights to inform for people’s safety and economic impacts
  • Treatment and diagnostics, enabling research to further the development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Allocation of resources, including recommendations on the allocation of limited assets, such as hospital space and medical supplies
  • Dissemination of accurate information to minimize misinformation sharing
  • Scientific research to study and understand COVID-19.



Research IT Drop-in Session – 20th May

We have moved our drop-in sessions online! 

At Research IT we know how busy researchers are, and how talking face to face can be the easiest way to communicate a problem or complex research idea. That’s why every other Wednesday in term-time we host drop-in sessions across campus so you can talk to our experts in person about anything research computing related.



Research IT May Costing Clinic – 22nd May

We have moved our costing clinics online! 

It’s really important that you include all the Research IT services you require in your research grant application AND that you talk to us before you submit your application. This allows us to plan accordingly and to make sure that the effort and support are available at the right time if your grant application is successful.   Come along on the 22nd to find out more about services and how to include them in your research grant application.



Introducing the University’s New Tier 2 Resource

Following a successful EPSRC application, the N8 CIR (of which the University is a part) will soon host a new national Tier-2 HPC service, called Bede.  Come along on the 21st to hear more about this novel architecture supercomputer based upon IBM Power 9 CPU and NVIDIA Volta GPUs.



May Top tip: Home broadband issues and solutions

When working from home we all rely on our Internet Service Providers (ISPs) but what happens when things go wrong?


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