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Research Costing Tool: Academic representatives 

The Research Costing Tool project in the Research Lifecycle Programme are looking for academic representatives to be part of the RCT project board.    

This will comprise of attending a regular 1 hour meeting every month and act in an advisory role for potential changes and decisions. If you are interested in joining or would like to find out more, get in touch by emailing

Open workshop: Research networking and collaboration project

Following workshops in May and June, the Research Lifecycle Programme (RLP) will be holding an additional workshop on Wednesday 8 July to gather further input from the research community to help shape the future of networking and collaboration at the University. 

The RLP will be investing in systems, tools and support for developing and maintaining engaged research communities both within and connected to The University of Manchester.

The overall aim is to create new research opportunities, enhance connectivity (particularly for early career researchers), respond better to multidisciplinary funding calls, maximise the impact of our research, and enhance the University’s profile and reputation.

The programme team are keen to get input from academic staff, early career researchers and PGRs as well as PS staff who support research communities.

This workshop will take place via Zoom on Wednesday 8 July from 1pm – 3pm. Places are very limited and pre-registration is required. 

Figshare: Research data repository at the University 

The Research Lifecycle Programme (RLP) is developing a research data management strategy in collaboration with researchers, to improve access export and preservation of data. One of the outcomes of this is to deliver an institutional research data repository for the whole University. This will help ensure that all our research communities can easily manage and publish research data, not only to support project outcomes but throughout the research lifecycle.

In November 2019, the programme teams asked for volunteers across the research community to help procure the most suitable research data repository service.

The RLP are now pleased to announce that The University of Manchester will be implementing Figshare to host research data in the new academic year. Accessible from anywhere, Figshare is a cloud-based platform for storing and sharing research data. 

Further news from the Research Lifecycle Programme that may be of interest:

Find out more about RLP: 


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