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Virtual Drop-in Sessions

At Research IT we know how busy researchers are, and how talking face to face can be the easiest way to communicate a problem or complex research idea. That’s why every other Wednesday in term-time we host drop-in sessions across campus so you can talk to our experts in person about anything research computing related.  Our next session is on 30 September 2-30pm.


MATLAB Licence Update

The University has purchased a license to allow the download and install of the full suite of MATLAB products on to both staff and students’ own, or University provided, computers.

Mobile Development Service Explores Lockdown Lethargy – volunteers required!

The Rest-Activity Pattern app (RAPapp) developed by Research IT’s Mobile Development Service (MDS) allows users to send sleep and activity data measured by their smart watches or fitness trackers to University researchers, while sharing their personalised “activity plots” to their social media. This is all part of a priority project looking at how the lockdown has affected rest-activity patterns in EEA countries.


Research Lifecycle Programme Update

Introducing the Survey Tools project 

Survey tools are an essential part of collecting information for research. The existing survey tool offering at the University does not fulfil user requirements.

The aim of the Survey Tools project in the Research Lifecycle Programme (RLP) will be to decommission the existing survey tool offering at the University, and replace them with two best of breed tools: QualtricsXM and REDCap.


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