Noria grants for field research in social sciences 2020-21 – Call for application

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Noria is launching a call for applications to fund fieldwork for young researchers:

The grants will be reimbursements of original receipts for transportation, visa and/or housing costs for fieldwork travel internationally.

Each successful applicant will commit to publishing an article on Noria’s website upon return of field travel and to presenting his or her work at a roundtable meeting.

They will benefit from the support of Noria’s team for the writing process, as well as of a cartographer to include a map in their publication.

For all further questions, please email:

2 grants of 1500 euros each for field research outside of the Europe/Mediterranean zone

2 grants of 1000 euros each for field research in all geographical zone

Deadline for applications : 15 December 2020

Announcement of successful applicants : 15 March 2021

Deadline to submit original receipts for reimbursement: 31 December 2021


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