CIDRAL Public Lecture: Diana Maynard, ‘Violations Against Journalists’ – 24 November

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CIDRAL Public Lecture: Diana Maynard, ‘Violations Against Journalists’ – 24 November

Tuesday 24th November, 5-6.30pm: Diana G. Maynard (University of Sheffield), ‘Monitoring Violations Against Journalists’

(A joint event with Digital Humanities)

The Centre for Freedom of the Media at the University of Sheffield has been carrying out important research improving the monitoring of violations against journalists, ranging from verbal abuse and online threats to more violent attacks including killings. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 16.10.1 proposes an important monitoring agenda for the global recording of a range of violations against journalists as a means to prevent attacks on the communicative functions of journalism. However, the need for extensive collection of data raises a number of methodological challenges. Our research shows the following issues must be addressed: the lack of conceptual consistency; the lack of methodological transparency; the need for sophisticated data categorisation and disaggregation to enable data to be merged from different sources; the need to establish links to understand causal and temporal relations between people and events; and the need to explore and utilize previously untapped data sources such as free text reports. This talk will discuss these issues and describe our work improving existing monitoring efforts by designing and developing a set of tools and associated methodologies that will facilitate processes of generating, categorising and systematising data on a range of various types of violations against journalists.

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