CIDRAL Events: 16 and 17 February

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The first CIDRAL events of the semester will take place next week. Here are the details of our first lecture, in which Rian Thum will talk about the Uyghur crisis in China, and the Key Ideas seminar, in which Kevin Malone will introduce a discussion on the climate emergency, composition and activism.

If you are on the CIDRAL mailing list, you will be sent details of how to access these events via email. If you are not, and would like to attend individual events or be included on the list, please contact Sofy Lam:

Tuesday 16 February, 5-7pm: Rian Thum (University of Manchester), ‘China’s Mass Internment of the Uyghurs and the Role of Scholarship’ 

Abstract: Over the last four years the Chinese government has placed over a million members of the Uyghur, Kazakh, and other predominantly Muslim minority groups into internment and indoctrination camps, which it called “Transformation Education Centers.” At the same time the state has restricted Uyghur births, instituted widespread forced labor for Uyghurs, razed Uyghur neighborhoods and sacred sites, and instituted a broad program of cultural assimilation. This lecture will present the latest data on the Uyghurs’ situation; introduce some of the evidence scholars have used to understand what is happening, and examine the ethical challenges scholars have faced in shaping public awareness and policy responses.

Wednesday 17 February, 2-4pm: Kevin Malone, ‘Climate Emergency Music, Art and Activism: Artivism’ 

Kevin Malone, Reader in Composition, participated in his first protest in 1976, wrote his first environment piece, “Acid Rain Dance”, in 1990, and has been searching for increasingly effective ways to combine activism and “art-music”. The first half of this entertaining seminar will feature music, film clips, images and inconvenient truths about the climate emergency, music and art: what works, what doesn’t. The second half will have topic-lead discussions, and a general Q&A. If you have some art-activism to share, bring it along!

To prepare, please read the attached document from Amika George’s 2021 book “Make It Happen”, and watch the premiere performance of  “The People Protesting Drum Out Bigly Covfefe” for pianist and pink pussy hats at



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