Call for submissions: TBA journal UWO

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Call for submissions: TBA journal UWO

tba is an annual peer-reviewed journal organized by graduate students of the Visual Arts Department at Western University in London, Ontario. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for emerging and independent artists and scholars by bringing together studio, art history, cultural studies, theory and criticism, gender studies, and related fields. It encourages experimentation and risk. 

The CFP is below. You can also access the information on our website which is posted below. Please note that the deadline for submissions is Friday, April 30th, 2021. Thank you!

Iraboty Kazi 
Sasha Opeiko 
Ashley Snook 




“A dark bewitched commitment to the lure of Progress (and its polar opposite) lashes us to endless infernal alternatives, as if we had no other ways to reworld, reimagine, relive, and reconnect with each other, in multispecies well-being. This explication does not excuse us from doing many important things better; quite the opposite.” – Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble, 51. 

The upcoming issue of tba will explore the meanings of and themes pertaining to the idea of reworlding. We view reworlding as a concerted and collaborative effort to reimagine our spaces by building upon a deconstructed, decentered, unfixed understanding of a world changeable by art that puts forth alternative temporal and spatial possibilities. This kind of reworlding offers possibilities of rethinking of ideas of unity by generating a multiplicity of futures with which to affect the present.  

Send us your thoughtful investigations, careful evaluations, and creative assessments of the concept of reworlding. Articles and artworks (sound, video, photography, paintings, drawings) are welcome!    

Topics can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Indigenous present and futurities
  • (Post)colonial structuresand decolonization
  • Identities and representations of diaspora 
  • States of the in-between, the liminal, the uncertain 
  • Heterotopias and ruptures intime and/or space 
  • Apocalyptic visions and imaginings of the afterlife
  • New media and virtual reality 
  • Compost (as defined by Donna Haraway) 
  • Environmental preservation and sustainability 
  • Climate grief 
  • Social media and online communities
  • Post-Internet art
  • Speculative realism (Afrofuturism, utopian fictions, fantasy, etc.)
  • Posthuman visionsand/or multi-species relations 
  • Protest and social activism 
  • Queer spaces, identities, and temporalities 
  • Re-imagining the museum and the art world



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