Brilliant Club Tutor Recruitment – Deadline for applications 12 March

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The Brilliant Club, an award-winning university access charity who works with a number of our researchers and places them to tutor in schools, are looking for English, Maths and Science researchers to support with their new Brilliant Tutoring Programme.

What is The Brilliant Tutoring Programme (BTP)?

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme is The Brilliant Club’s contribution to the National Tutoring Programme. The National Tutoring Programme has been designed and developed by a collaboration of five charities, working in partnership with the Department for Education, to provide heavily subsidised tutoring to school pupils.

BTP will be an important part of helping pupils catch up on learning they have missed during the school closures.

What are the benefits of becoming a tutor?

•    Get expert training and real experience to develop your teaching and other transferable skills
•    Earn £500 per placement
•    Being part of the national effort to support pupils who have been disadvantaged by the Covid-19 pandemic
•    Join a nationwide community of like-minded researchers making a huge impact on school pupils

What will being a tutor for the Brilliant Tutoring Programme involve?

•    Completing Brilliant Tutoring Programme training.
•    Delivering at least one full placement (30 hours of tutoring).
•    Preparing fully for each tutorial, so that tutors feel confident in the subject content they will deliver, have pre-empted misconceptions and planned their explanations and the activities pupils will complete. 
•    Marking a baseline and end of programme assessment for each pupil and providing written feedback.

Who is eligible to become a Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor? 

•    You need to feel confident teaching Maths/English/Biology/Chemistry/Physics at GCSE level. The course you will be asked to teach will be pre-designed, and you will receive thorough training before delivering it, but you need to feel confident with the material at GSCE level so that you are able to address misconceptions and support pupils effectively. We ask that you have at least a relevant undergraduate degree in the subject you are applying to tutor in.

•    Tutors should also feel confident delivering a course wholly online, ensuring they still build relationships with pupils and run interactive and engaging sessions in this format.

How can I get involved?

Researchers should apply though our usual application form, no later than Friday 12 March. Successful applicants will be invited to a virtual assessment centre.

Researchers can read more here, or email with any questions.


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