Be Active – body positivity and body neutrality

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Reflecting on Body Image: COVID 1 Year on

 There’s no doubt that the shift to lockdown may have changed the relationship we have with our bodies. As we reach the one year anniversary of living through the pandemic, we wanted to acknowledge that this may be a very stressful time for many of us. As news of restrictions lifting spreads, this may bring a lot of anxiety about how our bodies look and how they may have changed over the past year.

In response the various pressures we may be feeling, we hope to celebrate inclusive ways of moving and find body positivity through movement that makes our bodies feel good. 

Body Positivity and Neutrality 

 Over the last few years, conversations around  body positivity have opened us up to new ways of viewing ourselves and our self-worth. Yet, the dominant self-love approach to your body can often still be difficult to navigate, particularly in a lockdown where we have had more space to think and reflect. More recently, the concept of body neutrality has entered the scene and shifted the focus from loving your body no matter what to a more accepting approach, relieving the pressure of feeling body confident all the time. 

In this month of Be Active, exploring body neutrality allows everyone to go at their own pace. If loving your body all the time feels too hard, body neutrality is a way to make self-love and self-acceptance more attainable and more sustainable. In essence, the idea is to think less about what we look like but more about how we feel and what our body is capable of. Our relationship with our body image plays big role in how we feel about our self-worth and can massively influence our mental health and wellbeing. And so, although feeling positive about your body may never come easy, this month we encourage you to find a way to Be Active that brings you joy, and consider what your body can do and how it makes you feel. 

Body Image and Self Esteem Workshop – Thursday 25th March @ 5:30pm 

 Whilst conversations about female body image – and how the media and popular culture has distorted it – are becoming increasingly frequent, it’s difficult to know how to react to them. Should we cry or laugh? Should we scream and shout or to talk rationally and persuasively? Should we tell our stories to the world or to share them exclusively with the trustworthy women around you? 

In this session, So La Flair Theatre will guide you through an hour and half workshop in which you will unpick this through discussion, creative practise, and reflection. This workshop is an opportunity for you to creatively discuss our relationship to our bodies in a safe, supportive and empowering way. 

If you identify as female, register in advance for by clicking here, and find out more about So La Flair Theatre here

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