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Colleagues from Methods@ManchesterThe University of Manchester LibraryResearch IT  and the Manchester branch of the Software Sustainability Institute are jointly delivering a series of Carpentry workshops to postgraduate students, researchers and staff at Manchester who need to improve their computational and data skills and learn to automate tasks to help with their day to day work. The Carpentries are an international community that teaches foundational computational, coding, data organisation, analysis and visualisation skills to people in various research, data and information-related roles with minimal or no prior programming knowledge. Carpentries@Manchester is a local Carpentry community at The University of Manchester that has been running workshops since 2014.

The workshops are open to all University of Manchester postgraduate students and staff and will be delivered online via Zoom over 4 half-days with the following schedule:

  • Library Carpentry workshop, 8-11 June 2021 – suitable for people in library and information-related roles to help them automate repetitive and error-prone tasks and improve how they work with data: OpenRefine to enhance experience of working with spreadsheets; pattern matching and searching with regular expressions; Shell to automate repetitive tasks; and version control to promote collaborative work with Git and GitHub. Register for this workshop using the special code ‘2021-06-08-manchester-online’ and your Manchester email address.
  • Software Carpentry (Python) workshop, 13-16 July 2021 – teaching the basics of automating repetitive and error-prone tasks using command line Shell, introduction to programming using Python to solve problems or conduct data analysis computationally and version control with Git and GitHub to keep track of and never lose your work. Register for this workshop using the special code ‘2021-07-13-manchester-online’ and your Manchester email address.
  • Data Carpentry (R) workshop, 14-17 September 2021 – teaching the best practice in data organisation, tools for data cleaning, and fundamental data skills using the R programming language needed to conduct research or work with data effectively and efficiently. Register for this workshop using the special code ‘2021-09-14-manchester-online’ and your Manchester email address.

Please get in touch with Aleks NenadicNilani Ganeshwaran or Phil Reed if you have any questions.


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