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Helping to Celebrate 200 years of The Guardian Newspaper

University libraries are increasingly hosting their collections online to reach a wider audience, however conventional web publishing platforms, such as WordPress, have been found to lack essential features that are required in digital collections. This is where dedicated digital collections platforms step in to provide the specialist set of technologies that would otherwise not be available.

CHaPEL: Cleanliness is next to…?

Our Mobile Development Service (MDS) has been working with School of Health Sciences PhD student Sewon Lee to assist in building an app on a very limited budget that allows hospital cleaning staff to log exposure to, and usage of, hazardous products in their role.

Research IT Drop-in Sessions

At Research IT we know how busy researchers are, and how talking face to face can be the easiest way to communicate a problem or complex research idea. That’s why every other Wednesday in term-time we host virtual drop-in sessions across campus so you can talk to our experts in person about anything research computing related.

Analysing the 100,000+ accelerometer datasets in the UK Biobank

The UK Biobank contains over 100,000 records from participants who wore a wrist wearable device for a period of a week, allowing investigations into their activity patterns, sleep patterns, and more. The raw accelerometery data is more than 20 TB in size, with a large amount of meta-data also available.  This presentation will give an overview of the computational approaches taken to analyse the entire dataset using the University of Manchester computational shared facilities, with optimizations to the storage and processing approach to accelerate the analysis.

Research Lifecycle Programme Update

Reminder: Lime and Select Survey become unsupported from 1 July

As previously mentioned, staff are reminded that Lime Survey and Select Survey will no longer be supported tools at the University from Thursday, 1 July 2021. The Information Governance Office (IGO) recommends QualtricsXM as the University’s preferred survey tool, which is available to all staff and students at the University.

From 1 July, the creation of new surveys will be disabled on Lime Survey and Select Survey and all new surveys should be created in Qualtrics.

Socially responsible RDM

Drawing on the University’s strategy for research data management (RDM), one work stream in RLP’s Research Data Management project (Project U) focuses on approaches to Socially Responsible RDM. This examines how aspects of social responsibility can be applied to data generation, analysis, publishing and reuse throughout the research lifecycle.

Across the lifecycle there are opportunities to take a more socially responsible approach to RDM and within Project U, planning is currently taking place for an audit and report on the environmental footprint of a typical scientific research facility, with a focus on RDM. We are also engaging with colleagues across the University who are involved with existing initiatives and groups that lead on social responsibility. But we also recognise that there are people we haven’t yet connected with who may have an interest in this area, and we would value your perspectives and input.

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