Areas of focus

This database classifies and publishes judicial decisions of and about courts of armed opposition groups (AOGs). The relevant judicial decisions concern contemporary armed conflicts and so-called “frozen conflicts” without ongoing hostilities, where an AOG has consolidated its effective control over the area.

The focus is on a particular type of judicial decisions, namely those concerning human rights (in the broad sense: civil and political rights, socio-economic rights and even third generational human rights) and/or invoking international law. The reason for this restriction is the interest to study the interrelations between international law and the justice provided by unrecognised armed opposition groups/de facto regimes.

The relevant judicial decisions of and about courts of AOGs are classified in three main categories:

  1. Judgments of AOGs (and de facto regimes);
  2. Judgments of domestic courts of States regarding courts of AOGs;
  3. Judgments of international courts regarding courts of AOGs.