BSL Audiology

Patient Experience, Service Access and Outcomes in Hearing Aid Services for Deaf Adults who use British Sign Language.

Our project

This research is about Deaf BSL Users and NHS Adult Hearing Aid Services in England. The study will explore Deaf BSL users' experiences of NHS adult hearing aid services and audiologists' experiences of working with Deaf BSL users. The outcomes from this research may have an impact on future audiology provision, audiology training and service access.
This website provides access to information in British Sign Language (BSL) for research participants.

Take part

Are you a Deaf BSL user who wears hearing aids? Do you use NHS hearing aid clinics?
Your experience and feedback will be appreciated

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Celia Hulme

PhD Student


Text:     07919 298062

Skype:  celia.hulme75

  This project has been approved by The University of Manchester’s Research Ethics Committee – 2018-5130-7915
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