Children’s drawings: stashed away under cabinet

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This is a photo of one of several boxes of my children’s art and school work. When the box fills up, I have a cull and then move some to another box on top of a wardrobe, or one in a cupboard. We don’t have much storage space but I am determined to keep things for my children to look back at when they are older. It is also for me too because I want to be able to look back at their development and changes and also to be able to remember them when they were little as they grow up. It is difficult to cull because I am never sure how much to keep, soon I will have to think seriously about how much I can keep because we are running out of storage space in our house. We don’t have an attic because the attic was converted to bedrooms; we do have a cellar but it is very damp, so not a good storage space at all. My eldest child will go to High School next year and I think perhaps there will be less work, as the projects will be longer and so less things will come home each week – but maybe I am mistaken.

I find it difficult to throw lots of things away at home, not just these sentimental things, because I worry about waste and recycling. On a personal note I have very little from my own childhood, and nothing from my parents childhoods. My childhood was spend in the armed forces and we moved a lot, I think my parents must have just got really good at culling, and they can’t have allowed themselves to be too sentimental. The idea of having to pack up every three years to move was most likely a good motivation to manage any hoarding.

Images shows into the container with school books and drawings

I like to have objects and memories around me. Although every now and again I have a big clear out, usually because I am pushed to it when there are no more storage solutions. My husband would rather have less ‘stuff’ around, but we are both so busy that also finding time to organise and sort is so difficult. So currently our space remains brimming over. The children’s school work and art work is only one area of ‘clutter’.

This picture [right] shows that the box is stored under a cabinet in our living room, there is a box for storage on each side, and they don’t quite fit under easily, so it is difficult to pull them out.


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