Sewing machine in the bottom of the wardrobe

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Your stories | 0 comments

This is a sewing machine I got for Christmas that I used once when I planned to learn how to make garments.  Beside it is my grandmothers sewing box that she gave me because her sight no longer allows her to sew.  I planned to learn how to make clothing so I could negotiate better with my suppliers when I was an assistant buyer but did a PhD instead and never bothered.  I also tried to make a skirt on a friend’s machine, which was a disaster! I kept it in the box so I could sell it if I ended up not using it but I still think I might have a go one day as I don’t like when things defeat me! Also, I have stored an empty box ‘just in case’ I need to transport something and clothes I plan to sell on ebay but probably never will!


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