Contents of a ‘nostalgia drawer’

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These are the contents of my ‘nostalgia drawer’.

  • I don’t think the items have changed much over the last 50 years, but they include:
  • Early 1940’s edition of ‘British Warships’ (by Illustrated London News) which my father had in the war.
  • Photo of an American B47 Stratojet bomber… signed ‘with complements of the US Air Force’.
  • My first dinky car- a pre war Rover.
  • An army knife and fork set from WW 1.
  • Model of an early first world war tank which my great uncle served in.
  • Lucky horseshoe given to me on my 21st birthday.
  • Unbelievably the remains of a large piece of black vinyl leather that I used to cover the dashboard of a 1937 Triumph ‘Southern Cross’ that I renovated in 1962- just in case I might need it.
  • The manuscript presented to my great grandfather when he was made a Freeman of the City of Bradford.

None of these things is any ‘use’ but they have memories/family connections, which is why I don’t throw them out!


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