Memories and friendships: a drawer of rubber stamps

by | May 10, 2017 | Your stories | 0 comments

This is one of many rubber stamp drawers I have. I have been collecting them since 1980 when I discovered the International Mail Art Network at the Greenwich Theatre Gallery exhibition organised by Ti Parks.  I have always been an artist – trained as a painter and printmaker but this new world of postal art really did changed my life in so many ways.

The collecting of mail related objects, postcards, stationary, rubber stamps etc. really took hold then and my painting began to take a back seat. In 1983 I began a project called the Rubber Stamp Exchange and sent a call out via the mail for any unwanted rubber stamps. I promised to send back one in exchange. Many came from far and wide – from all over the world. Some are in this drawer. Some made by hand , from carved erasers, something I had started to do also.

The drawer contains several I made myself. It was a fascinating time and brings back wonderful memories of friendships made through the post  ( I am married to a mail artist who I corresponded with for 6 months before we met !) and a time of discovery and many surprises. You never knew what marvels ( or junk) would drop onto your doormat every morning!


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