Using your pictures

What will happen to your images and text?

Long-forgotten objects

This project explores the accumulation of things in domestic spaces

I will analyse all the data that is submitted, and will summarize the findings in short posts on this website. I will also write up the analysis in the form of academic publications (such as journal articles) and also will discuss it in verbal presentations.

The images and anonymous quotes from the text you submitted may be used to illustrate some of my points and so I may use your data in presentations when I am discussing my findings, or in written articles or books.

I will also upload some of the images and accompanying text – which may be edited down – onto the website under the ‘Your Stories’ tab.

In submitting your images and text you are agreeing to me using them in my project in the ways outlined above. If you change your mind about participating at any point then get back in touch and I will dispose of your data.