Eurolens Research

Offering a full clinical research service to contact lens and other ophthalmic industries



Established in 1990, Eurolens Research has been delivering a full clinical research service to industry for more than 30 years.

Specialising in contact lens and ocular surface clinical studies, we are involved in key design and material studies, and offer expertise in novel approaches to clinical examinations, image processing and assessment of the inflammatory status of the ocular surface.

Being fully integrated within a world-class university gives us access to scientists from multiple disciplines, interesting collaborative opportunities and the latest research tools, and allows us to offer postgraduate research opportunities.



Volunteers needed

Volunteer as a participant in a clinical study and be compensated for your time.

Our volunteers are very important to us – without them our research would not be possible.

We are currently preparing for new studies. If you wear spectacles or contact lenses and would be interested to hearing about suitable studies as they become available, please click ‘get involved’.


Current opportunities


Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved. We currently are looking for:



Clinical research services

Our experienced team can manage your ophthalmic clinical research from start to finish.

Facilities and expertise

  • Fully equipped ophthalmic clinic
  • Specialised clinical equipment including: confocal microscopes, ocular coherence tomographers, corneal topographers and ophthalmic imaging systems
  • Design and build of bespoke ophthalmic research equipment
  • Full image analysis capability



Our people

We take pride in our team of academic staff, research optometrists, study co-ordinators, administrators and research students.

Principal Investigators

Professor Philip Morgan

Director of Eurolens Research and Professor of Optometry,
The University of Manchester

Dr Carole Maldonado-Codina

Associate Director of Eurolens and Senior Lecturer in Optometry, The University of Manchester

Dr Michael Read

New Technologies Manager, Eurolens Research,
The University of Manchester



How we use your information

If you are interested in taking part in our research, there are some things you need to know.

Please read about what information we need to collect from our volunteers, why we need this, how we store it, and your rights regarding these data.  




For all enquiries, please contact our main office:

tel: +44 (0)161 306 2132