2020 Blog Prizes

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This year students on the first year Global Social Challenges course have produced a host of great blogs drawing on course themes and current events. The blogs demonstrate the public relevance of sociological understanding – perhaps this year more relevant than ever. Over 60 of the best blogs from the course are published on the Global Social Challenges website this year. You can also find blogs from previous years archived.

For the Blog Prizes short list we looked particularly for blog posts which combined an engaging writing style with use of evidence and authoritative sources of argumentation. It was a very strong list and we’d like to commend the contributions of all the short listed blogs, from: Selena Gokulsing, Lola Taylor, Maisie Outheart, Harlen Weaver, Justine Ross and Ben Hyland, which you can find through the Search box above.

And the winners are:

Winner of the 2020 Global Social Challenges Blog Prize:

The runners up are:


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