Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, the Department of Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology & Egyptology is able to provide our current CAHAE students with travel grants to visit sites abroad in connection with their study.  This could be an independent visit to one or more Greek, Roman, or other relevant sites that are outside the UK. Applications can also be made to support participation in a relevant summer school in the UK or abroad, or an archaeological project. This financial support benefits a number of students each year engage to engage with their subject area outside the term-time at the University of Manchester. Here are two examples of how this fund can support our students:

Anh Nguyen – MA Egyptology

The Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology, & Egyptology Travel Fund greatly enhanced my time at the University of Manchester. As an MA Egyptology student, learning to read field reports and excavation publications were an essential part of the curriculum; however, my lack of archaeological experience had previously made it difficult to fully grasp the concepts that were covered in the excavators’ notes. This travel fund supported me in pursuing my first season in the archaeological field, during which I developed a better understanding of excavation methods.

I travelled to Luxor, Egypt, to participate in fieldwork with the South Asasif Conservation Project. During the 6 weeks on the site, I learned how to use a dumpy level for surveying and reading levels, use brushes to clean around objects in situ, take field photography, and create stratigraphy drawings. I also learned how to document and register object finds, and how to categorize groups of shabtis by typology and style.

This experience complemented my didactic studies and has not only helped further my understanding of the Egyptological archaeology, but also has encouraged me to continue to participate in fieldwork.

    Studying and Categorising Clay Shabtis

Dusting Archaeological Site

Sketching the Stratigraphy of a Wall of a Trench

Leo Riley – BA Classical Studies

Thanks to the CAHAE travel fund I was able to attend the JACT Latin Summer School, and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity – not only did I have the chance to revise the Latin grammar I had learnt in my first year, but I was also able to try my hand at translating texts which I may not have had the chance to look at otherwise, such as Tacitus’ Annals, Catullus 64, and Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Whilst this was a bit of a challenge at times, being able to tackle original texts with just a vocab sheet in hand and knowledge of Latin grammar in mind is a great way to keep knowledge fresh between academic years. Furthermore, this summer school offered extra lectures from guest speakers almost every night on topics from the Cupid and Psyche myth in Apuleius to the use of art as propaganda in Imperial Rome, something which helps add to the historical and cultural background to the language you’re learning. Finally, the summer school offered amazing trips to both Hadrian’s Wall (including to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum) and to York, to visit York Minster (with Constantine making a cameo outside), a set of Roman baths hidden away under a pub, and to the wonderful Jorvik Viking Centre.

Thanks to this trip, my love for the Latin language has grown and I feel less afraid when studying Latin texts in the original language. I am also grateful for the social aspect – being able to make new friends to both learn with and to dress up with at the last night party is something I’ll never forget. So, if you’re thinking of doing something amazing in your summer break, I’d definitely recommend Latin Camp!

Roman Bath Remains Under a York Public House

Housing Foundations at Hadrian’s Wall


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