How to get started with recording content videos

Ralf Becker demonstrates basic techniques to create video, where basic techniques simply refers to ways to create video recordings without having to use video editing tools afterwards. Ralf introduces two tools for the creation of basic video (Zoom, Podcast Studio) and the kit you will need, or is worth investing in, for basic video.

Ralf also offers helpful tips on how best to approach it recordings, including the benefits of preparing, splitting up your recordings, and not trying to be perfect.

Benefits / Cons


  • Can offer engaging content which students may find it easy to engage with
  • Can create re-usable video content, saving time in the long-run
  • Requires low level of technical expertise/technical confidence
  • The tech-savvy can go all out with sophistication (but good and simple works well with students)


  • At the beginning it is time-consuming to produce these
  • You may feel uncomfortable to be recorded on screen. You may decide to not include your face shot into recordings as often as others.
Top Tips
  • The quality of your audio is as important (or more) than the visual. Test your sound as if you were a student, if quality if the sound is poor do not proceed – get a decent microphone or request your School to procure one for you.
  • Do not upload your video to Blackboard. All videos should be uploaded to the Video Portal
  • Do not produce long large videos, split them into natural chunks
  • Future proof your videos with simple tricks – do not refer to particular courses, lecture number or academic years in your videos
  • Consider using screen-sharing or whiteboard while you record your video and to use visualisers or annotation tools to illustrate your points during your recording

Here is short, contained video with Top Tips:

Recording with handwritten annotations:



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