Training and Support

Although dual delivery is not happening this year, there is still opportunity to receive training and support on using equipment.

Teaching Approaches for Dual Delivery Workshops

These workshops are specific to Humanities staff and are an opportunity to share experiences gained so far using dual delivery technology to simultaneously teach online and in-person classes. We will be looking at a range of teaching approaches and sharing suggestions and tips that others have shared with us. Please come prepared to discuss your own experiences. 

Register to attend online here


Self-Paced Blackboard Training

A version of the training is also available via Blackboard for you to complete in your own time, this can be accessed in the training catalogue.

Blackboard course


In-person, Practical Training

In-person training is still being offered but dual delivery is not occurring in the academic year 22/23.

Since the set-up in AMBS rooms is slightly different, we are also offering half-hour training sessions using AMBS equipment on Wednesday afternoons.

AMBS in person sessions can be booked here


CTS Rooms

CTS rooms are supported by Media Services, their guidance can be found at the following link. You can also email Media Services to book an familiarisations session for CTS rooms.


Learning Design Consultations

If you’d like specific advice for preparing your course unit or session for dual delivery please book a 1-1 consultation. During these 1 hour online sessions a Learning Technologist can provide bespoke advice and guidance that will help you plan your online and in-session activities ahead of Semester 1.

To book a Learning Design consultation, please contact the Humanities eLearning team via the Support Centre form.