In this podcast series, Dr Sarah Dyer (Chair in Digital Education) speaks to staff within the Faculty about their teaching, what they do, what works well in teaching, assessment or student support and gathers useful tips and resources to enhance teaching.

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Ep 22: Building Trust Through Student Co-Creation with Mario Pezzino

In this episode, our Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning, Sarah Dyer, speaks to Mario Pezzino, who is Director of Teaching and Learning in the School of Social Sciences, and a Professor of Economics.

Sarah and Mario discuss the process of co-creating class materials with students, and its effect on student outcomes.

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Co-creating and co-delivering resources with students, blog post by Mario Pezzino on the Good Practice Library:

Elizabeth Cleaver “Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Disciplinary Approaches to Educational Enquiry”

Bovill, C., Cook-Sather, A., Felten, P., Millard, L. and Moore-Cherry, N. (2016), Addressing potential challenges in co-creating learning and teaching: overcoming resistance, navigating institutional norms and ensuring inclusivity in student−staff partnerships, Higher Education, 71, 195−208.

Mario Pezzino and Andrea Enrico Riganti, 2022, Co-creation of teaching resources and co-teaching,

February 2024

Ep 21: Engaging Marginalised Students with John Roache

In this episode Sarah Dyer, our Chair in Digital Education, chats to John Roache, a lecturer from English, American Studies and Creative Writing. Sarah and John discuss ways in which digital annotation might help HE educators to address issues of student marginality both inside and outside the classroom.

Read more about John’s project with the Institute of Teaching and Learning: Projects

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November 2023

Ep 20: Creating Joyful Assessment with Stephanie Sodero

This episode features a discussion between Sarah Dyer, our Digital Chair in Education, and Stephanie Sodero, a lecturer in Climate Change and Health in our Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute.

Sarah and Stephanie discuss setting assessments that allow students to engage with academic material emotionally, intellectually and creatively, and that are a joy to mark.

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April 2023

Ep 19: SEED: Social Media in Education with Mark Carrigan

In episode 19, we are joined by Mark Carrigan, Lecturer in Education and programme director for the Digital Technologies Communication and Education MA course.

Mark’s work as a digital sociologist has led him to lead research and publications on social media, digital platforms and emerging technologies.

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March 2023

Ep 18: Outstanding Teaching with Chika Watanabe

In this episode Hannah Cobb is joined by Chika Watanabe, winner of the 2021 Faculty of Humanities Outstanding Teaching Award. They explore what students want, being inspired by Ungrading, and how to implement alternative forms of assessment.

Related links:

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February 2023

Ep 17: SEED: Working Together with Colleagues to Support Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning with Peter Kahn

In this episode, we are joined by Peter Kahn, Professor of Digital Education and Digital Chair for SEED. He shares his experience of working in teaching and learning and plans for initiatives and innovations to support colleagues working together in SEED.

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Ep 16: Student-Centred Review of Assessment and Feedback with Gillian Ulph and Elly Aspey

In this episode, Hannah Cobb meets Gillian Ulph and Elly Aspey from The University of Manchester Law School. Gillian and Elly talk us through the process and benefits of undertaking a student-centred review of assessment and feedback. Related link: Student-Staff Partnerships in Teaching and Learning Design by John Owen

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January 2023

Ep 15: Digital Education with Mairéad Pratschke

Hannah Cobb meets Mairéad Pratschke, new Chair in Digital Education in the School of Arts Languages and Cultures (SALC). Join us to find out more about Mairéad’s journey from lecturer/researcher in Film and History, to working in the EdTech industry, and back into Higher Education. Learn how she has fused her experience in recent roles and hear a ‘trailer’ for the future of digital in SALC. A must-listen for those in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, as well as lots of interesting reflections for those in other schools and universities. Learn more about the Teaching Innovation Collective (UoM staff only):

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December 2022

Ep 14: Size and Shape Update with David Spendlove

In this episode, Hannah Cobb welcomes back David Spendlove for an update on the Size and Shape programme.

To learn more about the Learning Design service (UoM staff only):

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September 2022

Ep 13: SEED: Learning Technology and Face-to-Face Teaching with Amanda Banks Gatenby

In episode 13, we are joined by Amanda Banks Gatenby, Associate Director of Teaching and Learning, Distance and e-Learning within SEED. We talk about the return to face-to-face teaching and the use of technology used to support distance learning. Mandi is a lecturer in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education (Manchester Institute for Education).

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June 2022

Ep 12: Size and Shape with David Spendlove

In this month’s podcast, Becki Bennett chats to David Spendlove about what the university’s Size and Shape project means for the Faculty of Humanities.

If you would like to discuss Size and Shape further, David can be contacted at

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May 2022

Ep 11: Embedding Accessibility with Wendell Kimper

In episode 11, Becki Bennett chats to Wendell Kimper, lecturer in linguistics in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures. Wendell is working on a project looking at the embedding of accessibility into our teaching and learning practice.

Becki and Wendell discuss the importance of accessibility and provide examples of good practice. They also talk about offering choice not only when and where assessments can be taken, but also in the modes of assessment.

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March 2022

Ep 10: SEED: Karenne Sylvester and Gamification in Education

In episode 10, Karenne Sylvester from the Humanities eLearning Team, talks about Gamification in Education. Karenne draws on her knowledge and experience from her MA in Education Technology and three-year diploma in games, design and development at Future Works, Manchester.

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Ep 09: Innovative Assessment with Employers with Ali Owrak

In our second episode with Ali Owrak of Alliance Manchester Business School, Becki Bennett and Ali chat about how he created assessments with employers, transforming employability scores for his graduates.

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January 2022

Ep 08: Co-designing Curriculum with Ali Owrak

In this episode, Becki Bennett talks to Ali Owrak from Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) about co-designing curriculum. Ali and his academic colleagues worked with students to redesign the curriculum for their programme, resulting in improved NSS scores and winning Programme of the Year.

Look out for a future podcast where Ali shares his experience creating assessments with companies, transforming employability scores for their graduates.

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December 2021

Ep 07: SEED: Dr Joanne Tippett & Matthew Sanderson on lessons in Dual Delivery

In this longer edition of the podcast, Rachel Willder talks to Dr Joanne Tippett and Matthew Sanderson about their experience of teaching with Dual Delivery, how to keep students engaged and the running of breakout rooms in teaching.

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November 2021

Ep 06: SEED: Matthew Sanderson on Dual Delivery and Field courses

In this episode, Rachel Willder talks to Matthew Sanderson about running field courses with Dual Delivery and offers some tips that they learned whilst running them.

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October 2021

Ep.05: Dan Foulder Discusses the Effect of the Pandemic on Our First Year Students

In this episode, Dan Foulder shares his thoughts with us on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the delivery of teaching and learning for our 1st year students.

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Ep 04: SEED: Matthew Sanderson and Engagement with Online Learners

In this episode, Rachel Willder talks to Matthew Sanderson about Dual Delivery and engaging with online learners.

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September 2021

Ep.03: Dual Delivery with Huw Morgan

In this episode, Huw Morgan (AMBS) tells us about his experience of dual teaching large lectures and how students engaged. He also shares some tips and lessons learned.

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Ep.02: Innovative Assessment and Student Community: Student Radio Programmes with Dr. Melanie Giles

In this episode, Professor Becki Bennett talks with Dr. Melanie Giles about assessing students who produce a collaborative radio programme. 

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Ep.01: Dual Delivery Method of Teaching: Miriam Firth

In this episode, Becki Bennett talks to Miriam Firth (SEED) about dual teaching and her first experiences of teaching simultaneously on campus to both in-class and online students. See more guidance on dual teaching in Humanities. 

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