Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
We have the UK’s only high resolution research tomograph (HRRT) Siemens brain scanner, which is located at in flagship building, WMIC, and we can use both in-house manufactured, such as [11C] PK11195, [11C] Flutemetamol and those produced by external organisations, such as [18F] FDG, [18F] Na-F and [18F] Florbetaben.
The suite also contains: Pet imaging equipment
  • Two HIDEX, GMP compatible, [15O]–water generators based in each scanning room
  • Custom built radioactive gas delivery system for controlled delivery of radioactive gases straight from the cyclotron
  • ISOMED dose calibrators
  • Custom built, BGO based, arterial blood counters
  • Motion correction technology for use in brain imaging
Co-located with the PET scanner, we have a fully equipped bioanalysis laboratory, offering the following equipment operated by trained and expert staff:
  • Custom built, high performance, NaI based, manual well counter
  • NOVA biomedical blood gas analyser
  • PerkinElmer automatic gamma counter
More information The HRRT scanner is operated by fully qualified, HCPC-registered radiographers. We have a contract in place with Christie Medical Physics and Engineering to provide medical physics expertise for the PET scanners to ensure the scanners are operating optimally.




Eleanor Duncan-Rouse
Lead Radiographer (PET)
T: +44 (0) 161 275 0052
E: eleanor.duncan-rouse@manchester.ac.uk