Radiochemistry facilities

Our radiochemistry facility is located in WMIC and is staffed by a team of radiochemists, QC analysts and technicians. We are really proud of the radiochemistry research we perform, and we also develop and manufacture GMP radiotracers for use in clinical PET and PET-MR studies and experimental tracers for use in pre-clinical PET studies. We are able to deliver longer-lived isotopes outside Manchester and already have a number of contracts to deliver clinical and pre-clinical radiotracers across the country.

The radiochemistry facilities comprises the following: 

The core cyclotron  facility includes:

  • GE PETtrace cyclotron with [18F]-F- HYT, [18F]-F2 (Neon) target, [11C]-CO2 target, [15O]-O2 target, and a [11C]-CH4 target
  • State-of-the-art automated radioactive gas/liquid delivery system to all hot cells, fume cupboards and scanners
  • GE PROCAB for the gas phase production of [11C]-CO2, CO, HCN and [15O]-O2, CO,CO2
  • 2 x 11C Methyliodide Microlab

The chemistry and radiochemistry facility include:

  • GMP radiochemistry production laboratory containing 8 synthesis hot cells and 4 Grade A dispensing isolators
  • Synthetic chemistry laboratory for precursor development
  • Experimental radiochemistry laboratory containing 4 Von Gahlen synthesis hot cells
  • Lead shielded fume hoods for ‘hands on’ radiochemistry using low amounts of radioactivity
  • TRACERlab FX-FN system for nucleophilic radiochemistry using [18F]fluoride
  • 5 TRACERlab FX-FE systems for 11C radioligands and ‘electrophilic type’ [18F] fluorine radiochemistry
  • GE FASTlab cartridge-based radiochemistry system

Our analytical instrumentation includes:

  • 7 gradient HPLC instruments with a variety of detectors (UV-vis, Diode Array, ES-MS/APCI-MS, radio-detectors and fraction collectors)
  • 3 gas chromatographs, with TCDs and FID
  • A Fuji-Bas 1800 Phosphor-Imager for autoradiographer and Radio-TLC
  • A Lab-Logic Scan-Ram radio-TLS scanner
  • Radiometric systems, including a well-counter, two automated gamma counters
  • An Ortec HPGe gamma spectrometer
  • Charles River endotoxin analysis