Using the Facilities

Clinical studies (PET, MR and PET-MR)

If you are interested in using any of our clinical imaging facilities, your first port of call is either one of our Research Project Managers, Sarah Wood or Richard Smallman who can talk you through the process.

Study teams are welcome to visit our facilities; please contact Denise Ogden you are interested in viewing our imaging and radiochemistry facilities.

If you’re at the early stages of designing a study, it is often worth discussing this project with academic and operational staff based at the Imaging Facililties at an early stage, as their specialist methodological input can enhance the protocol and scientific value of the project. Sarah and Richard can signpost study teams to the relevant colleague.

Alternatively, you can send us a completed Imaging Facilities application form and Study Protocol which will allow us to review the study and provide you with our prices.

Both WMIC and the PET-MR suite have been granted Employer Licences by ARSAC to allow us to administer radiotracers to research study participants. We also contract with ARSAC Practitioners with their own licences to prescribe each individual radiotracer dose.

All clinical studies undertaken with us will require regulatory approval. The regulatory paperwork required will vary depending on the type of study being undertaken and the imaging modality involved; a general guide is available below:

Typical regulatory documents needed before a study can be launched with us:

  • IRAS signed application from
  • REC favourable opinion letter
  • HRA approval letter
  • Where our scanner is located on Trust premises – evidence of Trust Capacity and Capacity confirmation pertaining to all relevant NHS sites
  • Where our scanner is located on University of Manchester premises (WMIC) – a Non NHS SSI application and approval for the WMIC site or SSA exemption confirmation from the REC
  • Copy of the Sponsor’s Insurance certificate
  • Global ARSAC approval for the study (PET and PET-MR only)
  • MHRA approval and relevant authorisations to proceed with the study if applicable (and copies of all subsequent amendments on an ongoing basis).
  • Copies of all ethically approved study documents (Protocol, Participant Information Sheets and Consent Forms etc.)
  • The current version of the PET and MR imaging manuals (if applicable)
  • All regulatory paperwork pertaining to any study amendments that have taken place prior to launch.
  • CV and GCP certificate for the PI and any member of the study team who will be required to work on the Imaging Facilities premises

We will also need a number of operational documents requested:

    • Completed List of Referrers under IR(ME)R for PET and PET-MR studies
    • Signed copy of the Imaging Facilities Sales Order
    • Signed copy of the Imaging Facilities PI Terms and Conditions

Pre-clinical studies If you are interested in using any of our pre-clinical imaging facilities, please contact WMIC reception on 0161 275 0000 who can signpost you to the relevant colleague. Alternatively, you can complete the Preclinical imaging application form and return to us.


Sarah Wood
Research Project Manager
T: +44 (0) 161 275 0007