Project team

Dr Helen Norman, Principal Investigator

Helen Norman
Helen is a Research Fellow in Sociology at the University of Manchester. Her research interests focus on fathers and fatherhood, the gendered division of labour and gender inequalities in work and family life. Her role includes advising the European Commission on gender equality policy as a member of the European Commission’s Scientific Analysis and Advice on Gender Equality in the EU (SAAGE) group, and collaborating on other funded national and international research projects for the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the European Commission, the United Nation’s International Labour Office, the Korea Labour Institute and the European Trade Union Institute.

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Professor Mark Elliot, Co-Investigator

Mark Elliot

Mark Elliot has worked at the University of Manchester since 1996, where he currently holds a chair in data science. His research is focused on the topics of data privacy and anonymisation. He founded the international recognised Confidentiality and Privacy Research Group (CAPRI) in 2002, and has run numerous research projects within the CAPRI remit. He leads the UK Anonymisation Network and is one of the key international researchers in the field of Statistical Disclosure and has an extensive portfolio of research grants and publications in the field.

Professor Elliot has extensive experience in collaboration with non-academic partners, particularly with national statistical agencies (e.g. Office for National Statistics, US Bureau of the Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Statistics Singapore) where he has been a key influence on disclosure control methodology used in censuses and surveys and where the SUDA software, he developed in collaboration with colleagues in Computer Science at Manchester, is currently employed. Aside from Confidentiality and Privacy his research interests include the Psychology and Sociology of Personal Relationships.

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Professor Colette Fagan, Co-Investigator

Collete Fagan

Colette is a Professor of Sociology and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Manchester. Her research focuses on the field of employment and public policy with particular interests in gender inequalities and gender mainstreaming; working conditions and job quality; working-time (and time-use more broadly); and international comparative analysis. She is the UK national academic expert in the European Commission’s Scientific Analysis and Advice on Gender Equality in the EU (SAAGE) group and a member of the Eurofound Advisory Committee on Working Conditions. Her other engagements as an academic consultant to the policy community include research reports for the European Commission, Eurofound, the European Parliament, the European Trade Union Institute, the Korea Labour Institute and the International Labour Office and the OECD.

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Dr Laura Watt, Research Assistant

Laura Watt

Laura Watt was awarded her PhD in social statistics from the University of Manchester in 2013. Entitled ‘An Investigation of attitudes towards relationships in the 18 to 30 age group’, it explored how the attitudes of young adults towards intimate partnerships have changed over time, and she continues to publish in this field. Laura has also been employed on a number of projects at Manchester, Essex and Keele Universities. At the University of Essex she was employed by the Church of England on a project investigating factors that influence church growth led by Professor David Voas (UCL). At Keele University she was involved in an action research project funded by Stoke City Council implementing strategies to improve attainment levels in primary schools led by Professor Farzana Shain (Keele). Currently, she is involved in a project at the University of Manchester led by Dr Helen Norman investigating conditions association with paternal involvement. Laura is also currently employed by the UK Data Service team based at the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMIST), University of Manchester, offering support to users of the service. She has taught quantitative research methods at postgraduate level both at Manchester and Keele Universities.

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Project partner

Jonathan Swan, Research Manager

Jonathan Swan

Jonathan provides a project advisory role to our project. This includes advice on the detail of the work programme, evaluation at regular stages as the work progresses, and support with dissemination and discussion activities.

Jonathan has researched and written on a wide range of work-life integration issues, including: fathers and work, flexible working in senior roles, productivity and performance, organisational culture and active ageing. He is responsible for the annual Top Employers for Working Families benchmark for organisations and the Modern Families Index reports. He is currently part of the ESRC funded research consortium that is examining work-life balance and the effects of austerity.

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Advisory group

Professor Sue Himmelweit and Dr Andrew Stewart have joined our advisory group to help steer the analysis and interpretation of our findings.

Professor Sue Himmelweit, Open University

Sue is an economist and Emeritus Professor of Economics for the Open University. Her research interests focus on inequalities within households, the economics of caring, feminist economics and the gender implications of economic policy.

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Dr Andrew Stewart, University of Manchester

Andrew is an experimental psychologist at the University of Manchester with a particular focus on the influence of social factors on how people communicate. His current research examines the moment-by-moment processes associated with the comprehension of indirect meaning, and the influence of social considerations on the mediation of that meaning.

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