The Centre is host to a multidisciplinary team of researchers and students experienced in many different areas of science, medicine and Egyptology.

Professor Anthony Freemont Co-director of the KNH Centre, Professor of Pathology
Professor Rosalie David Co-director of the KNH Centre, Professor Emerita
Dr Konstantina Drosou Lecturer
Dr Roger Forshaw Honorary Lecturer
Dr Robert Loynes Honorary Lecturer
Dr Mervyn Harris Honorary Lecturer
Dr Jenefer Cockitt KNH Centre Manager, Research Associate
Dr Keith White Environmental Biologist, PhD student

Visiting scholars

Professor Caroline Wilkinson Director of Face Lab and Liverpool School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University
Dr Jacqueline Finch
Dr Sharon Fraser
Professor Michael Zimmerman Prof of Anthropology, Universities of Pennsylvania & Villanova
Mrs Angela Thomas
Dr Joanne-Marie Robinson

PhD students

Byron Boggi
Jack Sharpen


Miss Rebecca Horne Research assistant, Unwrapped Project


Dr Campbell Price Curator of Egypt and Sudan, Manchester Museum
Professor Andrew Chamberlain Professor of Bioarchaeology, School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Dr Amandine Merat The British Museum