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ManCAD is home to 40 academic and professional services staff and 17 postgraduate research students.

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Postgraduate research students (A to Z)

  • Nada Aloufi – The effects of female sex hormones on auditory function and tinnitus
  • Ibrahim Almufarrij – Over-the-counter hearing devices
  • Peter Carolan – Influence of motivation on listening effort
  • Ozgenur Cetinbag – Perceptual consequences of vestibular contribution to hearing
  • Hannah Cross – Addressing communication needs for people in residential care living with dementia
  • Lorenza Zaira Curetti – Factors affecting hearing aid performance in noisy environments
  • Katie Foy – Speech perception and quality of life: Effects of radiotherapy and autism
  • Max Gattie – Perception of own voice, and how own voice might be misidentified in adults and children who stutter
  • Celia Hulme – Improving patient experience, service access and outcomes for Deaf adults who use British Sign Language
  • Lubos Marcinek – Predicting and classifying speech intelligibility
  • Katie Sadler – Using genetic variants to identify risk of developing vestibular schwannoma
  • Ibtihal Sambah – Improving language skills in children with hearing loss by developing a parent-delivered training programme based on theory-of-mind skills
  • Adnan Shehabi – Effect of lifetime noise exposure on auditory neural function in the older population
  • Emma Stapleton 
  • Yupeng Wu