Fī Subul al-Salām: Pacifism and Nonviolence
in Contemporary Islam

“Allah guides those who seek His pleasure to the ways of peace” [Quran 5:16]

Green circular pattern logoTuesday, May 17 2022 – Dalton Room, Core Technology Facility, 46 Grafton St, Manchester M13 9WU

The University of Manchester is hosting an international conference on Pacifism and Nonviolence in contemporary Islam. This conference brings together academics, civil society members, and activists from around the world. It explores Muslim experiences of pacifism and nonviolence while exploring prospects for their theorization.

The conference moves past popular tropes of Islam as (or other than) ‘a religion of peace’. It offers a space to constructively and critically examine neglected literature, differing perspectives, and substantive initiatives – from scriptural interpretation to practical peacebuilding. Its approach is inclusive, inter-disciplinary, and flexible. It seeks first and foremost to ground its discussions in their own contexts: theoretical and embodied, historical and political, theological and hermeneutic.

The conference provides a welcoming space for scholars and practitioners to engage with one another. Panellists from a wide range of professional, cultural, and geographic backgrounds are invited to apply to present their research and offer their reflections on pacifism and nonviolence in contemporary Islam. By bringing together leading scholars, civil society members, and activists from around the world, a more comprehensive understanding can be achieved.  The results of this conversation will benefit both participants and the wider world.

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