Our blog ‘The Truth About Modern Slavery Offenders‘ in Open Democracy provides a preview of the findings of our in-depth interviews with convicted perpetrators and a critique of the assumptions behind the Borders and Nationality Bill, 2021.

Our briefing ‘Temporal Measures of modern Slavery Victimisation‘ summarises the key findings from our article that makes the case for assessing the effectiveness of law enforcement interventions in terms of how long exploitation has endured or been undetected.

Our research note ‘The Profile of Modern Slavery Victims and Suspects in Police Data‘ provides an overview of what three years of police data reveals about who exploits who.

Our blog ‘Stop describing modern slavery as ‘evil’‘ explains how the usage of biblical terminology in government policy risks appeasing the public’s discomfort at their complicity in the exploitation of those deemed ‘illegal immigrants’.

Our blog on immigration policy after Brexit ‘Point-scoring and modern slavery‘ explains how new immigration law risks exacerbating the exploitation of foreign national workers.


Academic Publications

Our articles are free to access. Click on the links below to access the abstracts and full text.

Albanese, J. Broad, R., & Gadd, D. (2022) Consent, Coercion, and Fraud in Human Trafficking RelationshipsJournal of Human Trafficking

Lightowlers, C., Broad, R. and Gadd, D. (2021) Victims and Suspects of Modern Slavery: identifying subgroups using latent class analysis. Policing. 15(2):1384-1398.

Gadd, D. and Broad, R. (2018) Troubling recognitions in British responses to modern slavery. The British Journal of Criminology. 58(6):1440–1461


Our 2018 report, Mapping the Contours of Modern Slavery in Greater Manchester, prepared under an N8 PRP grant, provided a foundation for the quantitative part of the ESRC funded project on the Perpetrators of Modern Slavery Offences.

Our 2021 report, Profiling Modern Slavery: Victims, Suspects and Crimes, provides an update on the intelligence picture as recorded by Greater Manchester Police up to 2018. It also includes analyses revealing the typical length of time victims of the different forms of modern slavery remained trapped in exploitation, and the considerable delays between exploitation ending and reporting to the police.


We presented a paper entitled ‘Getting into Bed with Immigration Law: The Dangers of Conflating Sham Marriage and Modern Slavery’, at the European Society of Criminology Conference, Sarajevo in August 2018 and another entitled ‘Sex Traffickers on Sex Trafficking‘ at the European Society of Criminology Conference, Ghent, Septemeber 2019 . If you would like to see a full draft of these papers please feel free to get in touch.


In July 2018 we provided written evidence to the UK Government’s Modern Slavery Inquiry. In October 2019 we provided written evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry into Prostitution. Our recommendations to the Sentencing Advisory Council were taken forward in their (2021) report Modern Slavery Offences Guidelines.