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Dr Martin Clarke

“I think fundamentally it is important to be a law abiding citizen. I think one’s personal opinion of the law shouldn’t come into that. Merely because one thinks a law isn’t just that isn’t a good enough reason to break it.”

Naveed Choudhry

“People who resort to violence in Islam are a very small minority and they don’t represent Islamic values at all. The thing with Islam for me is peace and tolerance. If someone is ridiculing you, take the higher position… leave it. Don’t listen to him. If you don’t pay attention, you don’t give him the power. “

Frank Williams

“Sometimes within the Church I think a benevolent dictator would be better, but within the country I don’t think that would be good. It is very important to me that we live in a democracy and we have a say in the way we are governed and I think the Church accepts that as well.”

Stephen Castle

“Immigration has meant that we have been exposed to lots of experiences. This society is, generally speaking, tolerant, although we should not fall into complacency, as there is an increasing number of cases of xenophobia, antisemitism, islamophobia, etc. We need to keep an eye on those problems.”

Joe Ahearne

“I’m not sure that you can discriminate on people on the basis of religion, but I certainly wouldn’t want them to be in a privilege position when it comes to making laws.”

Shaun Wallace

Shaun Wallace

“I am proud of the English legal system which I am a member of and I think that it has been a beacon and an example for other societies around the world, especially in relation to the quality of our legal profession and the independence of our judiciary.”