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Dr Tobias Lock

Dr Tobias Lock

“On the whole, the rule of law works reasonably well. Decisions are not made on the basis of personal preferences. However, there are situations in which certain minorities are in disadvantage because of the way the system works. Our system is very much based on Christian principles and works for the benefit of people with a Christian background.”

Professor Imre Leader

“There is a problem with the kind of people who go into politics that is different from 30 years ago, when there were a lot of people doing it for the good of the country. Now these people are few and far between, the general calibre of MPs has gone down a lot in the last 30 years.”

Professor Steven Jones

“The separation of the judiciary from the political system in important. The judiciary is drawn from a narrow part of British society and is more conservative than the population as a whole, but I think that that is true in most counties. It is better than it was. “

Aled Griffiths

Aled Griffiths

“Leaders must be held accountable by human beings. I cannot really comment on accountability by God, but as a Christian, I have a moral responsibility to engage in politics. I think the disillusion about Politics in the UK is extremely worrying. I worry that people have lost interest in politics.”

Frank Cranmer

“I don’t think the State intervenes too much in terms of religion and belief. As you know, you can believe in what you like, provided that it is not criminal. You can worship as you wish, provided that you don’t do things such as human sacrifice.”

Dr Martin Clarke

“I think fundamentally it is important to be a law abiding citizen. I think one’s personal opinion of the law shouldn’t come into that. Merely because one thinks a law isn’t just that isn’t a good enough reason to break it.”