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Daisuke Miura

“The question is whether freedom of expression has got weaker or stronger, in my opinion, it hasn’t changed. And it shouldn’t change. Only the people who make a decision to express their artistry, will change probably. Because we’re all human, even if someone will die we still have got choice. “

Jessica Morden MP

“I think the balance in terms of freedom of religion and belief is probably right. There is obviously the argument about where to strike the balance, but I think on the whole it is good. I think Britain is a tolerant place as far as religion and belief is concerned. “

The Most Reverend Dr Barry Morgan

“We do protest about the abuse of human rights in the world but in terms of gender and sexual discrimination in Britain, the Church has not always had a good record. Wales, however, has had an Equality and Diversity Minister since devolution and that has helped all of us to think more deeply about these things.”

Chris Morris

Chris Morris

“I think we are seeing law changing to reflect the increasingly secularisation of society. I think that your generation and my generation will be the last to remember a time when shops were shut on Sundays and Good Friday was observed by people as a Holy Day when nothing was open, even if they weren’t regular participants in acts of worship.”

Wendy Huggett

“Given our unique system politically, compared to the USA for example, I think our system has lots of benefits. I enjoy being part of it and being part of what I regard as a very reasonable society in the whole.”

Chikwan Nam

Chikwan Nam

“Society is people. If you live in this country that is everybody, not just your own little social circle. You need to understand how everyone else works in order to live your life as an adult. How are you going to understand how everything else works if you’re not exposed to everything else?”

Jenny Hodge

Jenny Hodge

“I’ve never been in a situation where there was a moral imperative to break the law, but if I felt that following the law was going against my beliefs I wouldn’t.”