The Student Support and Guidance Office

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Meet the team from our Student Support and Guidance Office (SSGO):

(From the left in the above picture)

  • Sara Latham (Student Support and Guidance Manager),
  • Jemma Cope (Student Support and Guidance Administrator and Disability Coordinator),
  • Hannah Brookfield (Student Support and Guidance Coordinator),
  • Natalie Lankester-Carthy (Student Support and Guidance Coordinator),
  • Ben Herbert (Student Support and Guidance Administrator).

The main office is in Room A15 on the ground floor of the Samuel Alexander Building. 

The team can provide support and advice on the following:

  • Appeals and Complaints
  • Attendance issues
  • Disability support queries
  • General support issues or concerns (e.g. health or other issues affecting your studies)
  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Interrupting your programme of study
  • Withdrawing from your programme of study

The most important piece of advice I can give is if you are having problems don’t keep them to yourself. Contact us or your Academic Advisor for advice and support”.

Sara Latham, Student Support and Guidance Manager 

The SSGO receive over 2000 applications for mitigating circumstances every year and help to support a large number of students in the School. Get in touch with SSGO if you need help or advice!

The team can advise you on options for managing any difficulties you may have and which University support services you should contact to obtain further more specialised and targeted help, if necessary.


Telephone: +44(0)161 306 1665

For more information about your Academic Advisor, please see the School Student Intranet where you will find helpful instructions on how to access your Advisor details through the Student System.