Welcome to SALC Linked – the weekly round-up of news, tips and resources for students in the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures. Please be sure to keep an eye out for SALC Linked each week as it will contain important reminders and announcements relating to your studies and University services. This week’s edition will be particularly useful for those of you who are feeling isolated at the moment or just want to make more connections with other students. There are 10 items, including a chance to write for the Manchester Historian, a chance to connect to others through the SU Buddy and Check-In and Chat schemes and information on the Academic Success programme.

As always, our support teams and services are ready to offer advice and guidance. You can find a full list of these services (including the Counselling Service) on the University’s Student Support website. The website is also full of resources to help support your wellbeing and studies. Togetherall, the free, online community monitored by trained clinicians offering free mental health and wellbeing support, is also available 24/7. SALC’s Student Support and Engagement Officers, Gareth and Emma, are also here to talk through any issues that you might be having. To book a telephone or Zoom appointment, please email them at salcstudents@manchester.ac.uk.


The Well

If you’re in the Manchester area and struggling for food or finding it hard to make ends meet so that healthy meals have become a thing of the past, The Well can help. The Well, developed by St Peter’s House, is a holistic and practical response to the needs on and around campus caused by Covid-19. Services include food for those in crisis, recipe cards, online streamed content from the team at Milk & Honey, interactive courses and ‘Wholeness’ activities, including Pilates, mindfulness and yoga. You can refer yourself to The Well now by using their online form or by phoning 0161 275 2894. The team will aim to respond to all self-referrals within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.


Self-Isolating Students: Check-In and Chat

If you’re self-isolating at the moment, the Student Support team would like to offer you the opportunity for some extra support whilst you are isolating or quarantining. A ‘Check-In and Chat’ volunteer from the University is available to give you a call, just to talk to you about how you’re doing in these unusual times. To request a one to-one call with one of their volunteers, please fill in your details on this online form. You can also contact the service on keepintouch@manchester.ac.uk.  If you are having to self-isolate, or if you are feeling isolated, we encourage you to watch this video that contains lots of tips around looking after yourself by incorporating the Six Ways to Wellbeing into your day. You can find out more about the Six Ways to Wellbeing here, and you can use these resources to support your wellbeing journey.


SU Buddy Scheme

The Students’ Union have set up a buddy scheme to help anyone struggling at the moment to connect with other students. As part of the scheme, students can be paired with a peer buddy for weekly phone or video calls, providing some social contact and the chance to make a new friend. The peer buddies aren’t trained counsellors but are students who may be studying on a similar course or have similar interests. They will be able to signpost you to to Students’ Union and University services should you need them. If you are feeling isolated or struggling at the moment, you can use the online form to request for a buddy to contact you. You can also sign up to be volunteer as a peer buddy.


The Academic Success Programme

The University Language Centre’s Academic English support programme, Academic Success, starts from Monday 26 October. The live video workshops offer support (tailored to Humanities students) covering both the basics and finer points of good academic writing. The interactive sessions will encourage students to work in small groups to solve problems and edit texts. Visit the website and click on ‘Academic English Workshops’ for more details and registration.


Write for the Manchester Historian!

The Manchester Historian is the University’s history magazine written and run by students. They’re in the process of producing issue 37, ‘Oppression and Resistance’. This edition will explore oppressors and oppression throughout history, their motives and means; vice versa all aspects of resistance, from music and culture to thunderous revolution. If you’re interested, have a look at their article titles by clicking this link and see if you’d like to write any. If you’d like to write one of the articles listed there, then send editors Sarah and Kirsten an email with a brief outline or structure and we’ll reserve the piece for you. Alternatively, if you want to write on a subject not listed, send Sarah and Kirsten a pitch and they’d love to print it! Articles are only 450 or 900 words – so there’s no need to worry about a mountain of extra work and references/sources are not required! For more information, email manchesterhistorian@gmail.com, or message via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


On-Campus Study Spaces

Just a reminder that students can book empty teaching rooms for private study. Just log into Resource Booker and click on the ‘Student Study Rooms’ tile to book a classroom space. Bookings can be up to 3 hours in duration and students can make a maximum of two bookings per day. Bookings can be made only 1 day in advance to allow CTS to remote rooms or for buildings to be locked-off at short notice while there is limited on-campus teaching. there are also 500 bookable spaces available across the Main Library, Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and Joule Library, with spaces available between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. PCs in computer clusters are also available via remote access.


Join the Languages Society

Want to teach a language to fellow students? Want to be taught a language by another student? Want to socialise with other University of Manchester students from across the globe? The Languages Society is for you!  Sign up to become a language tutor or contact the society to join their online Language Exchanges, every Wednesday, 4pm-6pm. The society also run social and games events every Saturday at 4pm and you can find more information on their Facebook page. All events and classes are completely free to all.


Seminar: China’s Borderlands in Times of Crisis

If you would like to attend the East Asian Studies department’s webinar, ‘China’s Borderlands in Times of Crisis’ on Wednesday 28 October, 16:30-15:30, please contact Dr. Ed Pulford via ed.pulford@manchester.ac.uk.


Manchester Literature Festival

This year’s Manchester Literature Festival will be taking place online this weekend (Friday 23 October – Sunday 25 October).Tickets for the events are available for £6, £12 or £20 (on a Pay What You Can basis) – see the full list of events for more details, including conversations with Jeanette Winterson, Ellah P. Wakatama and Jackie Kay.


Your Careers Service

You can use the Careers Service website for careers information and support, practice interviews and appointments for advice on applications and PG study personal statements. You can also find vacancies on Careerslink as well as online workshops, including recordings of our previous sessions.

Interested in finding out about a particular career? Use the Which Career pages and see the Find Jobs page for internships and job opportunities. For further information, contact careers.info@manchester.ac.uk and connect with the Careers Service via social media.

The Careers Service host and run lots of online events, many led by employers and all are listed on Careerslink and on the careers service website. Highlights next week include a Media Club talk on working in Television from Julian Dismore, an award winning TV director and series producer – Tuesday 27 October, 17:00. You can register on www.manchester.ac.uk/careerslink using event ID 6441. Also on Tuesday 27 October at 13:00, there is our ‘Finding Hidden Jobs’ session. Register on www.manchester.ac.uk/careerslink using event ID 6213!


That’s everything from us this week. Have a fantastic weekend and please look out for each other. If you have a society, scheme or event that you’d like to promote to the rest of SALC, please contact us via salcstudents@manchester.ac.uk and we could be including your content in the next edition of SALC Linked.